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Finally, How To do a flip on a wakeboard with no Rope or Wake!!! If you’re looking for some more ‘How To’ videos, or online coaching, check out my website at
Thanks for watching! 🙂 David

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Very, very, very happy to take the win at the Irish Cable Nationals. Riding cable contests is always a challenge, and with Robin Coates and John Tully riding so well it made it very tough! Great start to the season 😊😊😊.
Also, I must say, I’m delighted and proud to have seen so many unreal kids wakeboarding so, so well. Ireland has a bright future in Wakeboarding!
Thanks to Ballyhass Lakes for putting on a seriously epic event! Details

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The Dublin Docklands Summer Festival is underway. Come down tomorrow and check out the wakeboarding action. Great atmosphere, great food and great craic! Dockfest!!!
Dockfest 2016

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It’s been a busy time again – went out to Xtreme Gene and then came back home to Ireland and did some coaching on the River Shannon – Ireland’s longest river. Hope you all enjoy.

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Can’t believe this weather in Ireland!!! Went riding today with no wetsuit! Lough Derg on the River Shannon was like glass….
Wakeboarding River Shannon Ireland

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Dubai sunset wakeboarding
Dubai, you have been absolutely phenomenal! Meeting new people and spending day after day on the boat. It has been a pleasure!

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21 March 2016

Wakeisode 4

Enjoy and if you wish to request any tricks contact me on Facebook
Thanks for watching. David

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10 February 2016

Wakeboarding fun!

Wakeboard is literally so much craic! I love it so so much!
muckno raley

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Delta waterways 1
Thanks to Luke at for the cool photos. What a class weekend!
Delta waterways 2