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"The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights." Muhammad Ali

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Comments Off on The Flip DockStart – The most difficult trick in wakeboarding

The front flip dock start on the wakeboard has always been challenging for me!!! I bumped into a guy at the cable here who has only been riding for three months and could do it, so naturally I had to crack into it and give them a go! I hope you enjoy the video. David More

Comments Off on Wakeboarding in Mexico!
12 November 2021

Wakeboarding in Mexico!

Finally!! I’ve managed to go on my first international wakeboarding trip in about a year and a half. Link to vote… I’ve come to Mexico to ride the cable (Mayan Wake Park). I haven’t been here in many years and I’ve never ridden the cable, I’m super excited to see how the obstacles and cable are. Day one was super fun, however I think my body will hurt tomorrow. The return of regular videos starts now as I’m spending 10 days here and then 10 days in Orlando, Florida riding too. I hope you enjoy these new videos. Thank you for watching. David More

Comments Off on Wakeboarding Trick Names Explained – Raley, Whirlybird, Tantrum & Scarecrow

One of the most difficult parts of wakeboarding is actually understanding the tricks. They all have funky names and can be confusing. In this video I take the time to break down some of the easier tricks and their terminology: – Heelside – Toeside – Switch – 180 – 360 – Frontside – Backside – Backroll – Frontroll – Tantrum – Whirly – Scarecrow – Raley – Batwing. Hopefully his video helps you to understand the tricks. Thanks for watching. David More

Comments Off on Diving deep with Grant Korgan

Grant Korgan is an amazing guy who has had quite the life journey. He has overcome a very serious spinal injury that paralyzed him from the waist down. With all of obstacles in life that has been thrown at Grant, he has always remained positive! 🙏 Check out this podcast to hear Grant’s full story. If you are interested in further interviews check out the Centurion YouTube channel on this link: More

Comments Off on Wakeboarding – top tips for riding in the wind!

So if you’re like me, the chances are you don’t always have the best conditions to go for a wakeboard set. It can be windy and rainy. If so, here are a number of tips to help: More

Comments Off on Wakeboarding – Learning to Tantrum, mistakes everyone makes!

The Tantrum is one of the most basic and popular flips/inverts to learn in wakeboarding. It’s essentially a heel side backflip. There are some very common mistakes people make both on the boat and the cable. More

Comments Off on Wakeboarding – Mistakes people make learning the Backroll – Tutorial

Wakeboarding – backroll. So most wakeboard crashes are because of something similar to the following. More

Comments Off on 5 Easy Cable Wakeboarding Tricks for Beginners

Beginners find it difficult to learn which trick is next. Here are 5 of the easiest new tricks with little tutorials. Hopefully they help you progress your wakeboarding. More

Comments Off on Best Wakeboarding Contest of all time – Red Bull Wake Capital

Link to full show… Held in Hamburg, Germany, with Red Bull TV, this was the greatest wakeboard competition of all time! Called #RedBullWakeCapital the wakepark was set up for the most advanced and professional riders you could imagine. It had 5 levels, a shipping container and even a digger! Certainly not suitable for beginners! haha. Some of the world’s best wakeboarders were on site including Nik Ghurs, Liam Peacock, John Dreiling, Daniel Grant, Liam Brearly, Pedro Caldez, Guenther Oka and of course Timo Kapl who went on to win the event. I hope you enjoy watching the video and thanks to everyone who made the event so much fun! David More

Comments Off on Best Wakeboarding Park in the World!

After travelling the world, from America to Singapore, Thailand, Australia – and everywhere between, my favourite park to wakeboard at is still Ballyhass Lakes in Cork, Ireland. There are 3 things that make a great wakepark: 1. The Atmosphere and Vibe! 2. The Obstacles. 3. The conditions – Weather, temperature and wind. Whilst Ballyhass can be cold and wet, it always has the best vibes that make you want to have fun and progress your riding. The lads down there are 10/10! The obstacles are well maintained and useable for both beginners and advanced riders. Thanks so much for watching this short video and stay tuned for more! More

Comments Off on Wakeboarding – boat speed & rope length

In this video I show you how to find the perfect boat speed and rope length for any boat, whether it’s a used boat, a rib, a jet ski, or even an insane wakeboard boat like a centurion! More

Comments Off on Wakeboarding tips – 7 easy tricks for beginners

Here are some tips to help you learn new wakeboard tricks. Hopefully they help you progress your riding. on the boat. This tutorial is aimed at beginner and intermediate riders. Here’s a list of the 7 tricks. 1. Riding Switch/Surface 180/ Switching 2. Heelside Wake To Wake 3. Heelside Grab 4. Toeside Wake Jump 5. Toeside 180 6. Switch wake jump. 7. Switch 180/ Half Cab I hope this gives you good idea of the sequence to try to learn new wakeboarding tricks.. They’re not the only 7 tricks I’d advise, but they are 7 great starter tricks. Thanks for watching. David More

Comments Off on Tie Wakeboard rope on any boat – tutorial.

Tie the perfect knot on any boat. Whether it’s used, new, a rib, a jets or any wakeboard boat like a Centurion. Here’s some tips on how to tie them safely and securely. There’s plenty of tips and tricks for beginners! More

Comments Off on Wakeboarding – Learning to go big!

Tim is used to riding small wakes like his 15ft rib, and whilst this wake isn’t a wake boat like a Centurion, it still has a medium sized wake. Tim learnt how to approach the wake, how to take off, and most importantly the timing of standing tall combined with the progressive edge. More

Comments Off on How to jump high Wakeboarding! – Wake to Wake

If you want to jump high on a boat wakeboarding this tutorial will give you the tips to going bigger on your board. It works for any boat, from a cheap used boat, a jetski, a rib and of course a big wakeboard boat like a Centurion! Step 1. Cut away from the wake. Step 2. When you get out, wait for the boat to slowly pull you back in. Step 3. Slowly start to progress your edge. Step 4. Hold your edge right the way through the wake. Step 5. Stand tall at the top of the wake, and push down on the handle. Step 6. Keep your head up in the air (you can take your back hand off to balance yourself if you like. Step 7. Bend your knees on the landing. Step 8. Celebrate! Hopefully this helps you learn, and thanks for watching. David More

Comments Off on He’s learning fast! Beginner Wakeboarding

As many of you know, I’ve been teaching one of my good friends how to wakeboard this summer. He has gone from being a complete newbie/engineer to progressing at an insane rate. Last week he learnt a toeside backroll, and this week he learnt a 360 as well as a nose press dock start. It just goes to show how fast you can learn if you put your head down! Thanks for watching. David More

Comments Off on How to Raley on a Wakeboard – Superman

One trick that’s very impressive, and not actually too difficult to do, is the ‘Raley’. It’s effectively a Superman on a wakeboard. Here’s a little tutorial on how to do one and, most importantly, the easiest way to learn it is off a kicker. I hope the video helps you nail it! David More

Comments Off on Golf R or BMW M235i?
10 July 2021

Golf R or BMW M235i?

This is a little bonus video that we decided to film. I always wanted a Golf R and so about a year ago I sold my GTI and took the plunge and bought an R. After 7 or 8 months of ownership I got a really good offer on it and decided to sell it! I loved the Golf R and wasn’t really 100% sure what to get next. Then I test drove a friends BMW M235i and loved it. It had a really raw feeling and mechanically it ticked a lot of boxes. 6 cylinder engine, manual gearbox and rear wheel drive! I headed to the UK and bought one right before the VRT hike. There’s a little twist at the end of the video……… I hope you enjoy it! David More

Comments Off on I taught my friend to flip on a Wakeboard!

So last year my friend Tim got into wakeboarding. He has been coming to the cable park with me once or twice a week. In the last video I did a tutorial on how to toeside backroll, and when I was filming it Tim was paying close attention and then tried one out of the blue! It was extremely close and so today when we went to the cable I encouraged him to try another! Fast forward a few attempts and he has landed it! Hope you enjoy the video and thanks so much for watching. David More

Comments Off on Learning 1st Invert on a Wakeboard

Often people ask me what is the easiest invert/flip to learn on a wakeboard, or which one should they try first. The answer is – everyone’s different. For some it’s the tantrum, for others it’s a backroll, and for many others it might be a scarecrow or a front roll. All that said, in my opinion, the toeside backroll is the easiest flip to learn on a cable or at a cable park. It’s exactly the same as doing a backflip on a trampoline. So if you have good board control then you’ll be laughing! Hopefully this tutorial/lesson helps you progress your wakeboarding, and thanks for watching! David More

Comments Off on How to 360 on a Wakeboard

Earlier this week I did a poll on my Instagram and the results showed that many of you would like to see more tutorials, so here is the first of many. It’s a tutorial to take you from a-z on 360 and covers everything from surface 360s, 360 on a box/obstacle and even some instructional on doing a 360 spin off the kicker. Hopefully it helps you to learn them. David More

Comments Off on Ultimate Action-Packed Road Trip | Red Bull Athlete Conor Shanahan | Drifting Sim + Go Karting | Episode 3

Episode 3 is finally here!! As many of you know, I have teamed up with Red Bull Ireland to go on a mega road trip around Ireland showcasing not only all the thrilling adventure activities that are on our doorstep, but also to meet and hang out with their various athletes in each of their sports. For this episode we went down to Co. Cork to visit drifting extraordinaire, Conor Shanahan. He takes us around his garage, where he’s building his next drift car (A GT86) as well as taking us inside his home to show us how he practices on his racing simulator. After this we headed down to the Watergrass Hill to do a few laps with the guys from Tillitson Racing in their K4 karts. Overall it was a fantastic day and great to meet someone I’ve been watching drift for the last few years! Thanks so much for watching and see you in the next episode. David More

Comments Off on My new pro model cable wakeboard 2021

I am absolutely thrilled to present my all-new Pro Model cable wakeboard for 2021. The DOC X SOB. It’s a very limited edition version of the very popular cable SOB board with a customised graphic. Having a pro model board is every wakeboarder’s dream and I’m lucky enough to have fulfilled this dream three times now. After two very successful boat boards (the O’Brien Valhalla), O’Brien were kind enough to let me get to work on a cable graphic. It’s all down to the lads and lassies’ support, as without the YouTube channel and following, none of this would be possible. Hopefully you like what you see and a massive THANK YOU again for all your support! More

Comments Off on Action Packed Road Trip – surfing & diving with Red Bull athlete Conor Maguire

Episode 2 is finally here!! As many of you know, I have teamed up with Red Bull Ireland to go on a mega road trip around Ireland showcasing not only all the thrilling adventure activities that are on our doorstep, but also to meet and hang out with their various athletes in each of their sports. Over the next few weeks I’ll be meeting up with many athletes I’ve looked up to over the years and most importantly, I’ll be trying their sports! As you can imagine, I’m excited!! In this video I drive to the west coast (Bundoran, near Co. Sligo) to meet up with Conor Maguire. He is well known in the surf community around the world, and more recently made the headlines surfing a huge 60ft wave on the Irish seas. He is an absolutely lovely guy and showed me around where he grew up, where he learnt to surf and gave me a little insight into his life. We kicked off with a bit of cliff diving off some rather large sea stacks, then after lunch we went surfing in Tullan Strand. Whilst the waves weren’t huge, it was perfect for me to learn how to surf. Conor is best know for big wave surfing, however he gets pretty tech on the smaller waves too. I hope you enjoy the video and stay tuned for the next episode of our epic staycation road trip in Ireland! More

Comments Off on Wakeboarding on a clock!

This week on ‘Can I ride it?’, I try wakeboarding on a clock that I bought in my local department store. Disk boarding used to be a sport back in the day, and I’ve tried it one or two times in Orlando, Florida. Today I decided I’d try it on a homemade board. Let me know any cool ideas you have for me to try and thanks so much for watching. David More