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30 October 2020

Wakeboarder of the year

If you could, please vote for me in the Wakeboarder of the year (Boat Rider and Content creator)… Thank you!!! The answer to the title is OF COURSE!!! Thank you to everyone who sent in some questions and I hope you enjoy the Q & A. I cover everything from where I see myself in 5 years to binding angles, how to progress, wakeboarding cliques etc… Thanks for watching, and if you vote – thank you so much. David More

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I went into WakeDock for a last minute ride. The weather was insane, especially for September, and so I just sessioned the park. I turned up the speed and tried gapping the big FunBox. I honestly didn’t think going that bit faster would make the gap so easy, but it actually wasn’t too bad, though a little scary. I think so much is possible on it if I get comfortable with the speed. Thanks so much to the guys at WakeDock in Dublin for having me in and I hope you enjoy the little short wakeboarding video – which is fully filmed on my GoPro Hero 8. David More

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As many of you may know, alongside wakeboarding, I have a huge passion for cars. Anytime I spend around cars is either modifying my own, or reviewing ordinary day to day cars. My friend, Tim, has a little track car (LoCost) which is a homemade kit car. He invited me out on the track for the day which was insane. Here’s a little vlog style video I made. I hope you enjoy this different type of video. David More

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11 October 2020

Wakeboarding is fun!

I decided to try and ride my cable board on the boat. Bearing in mind it’s not a massive Centurion but a 16 foot RIB with a 45 foot rope at 18mph. I was trying my best to ride the same way John Dreiling did in his mini wake sessions video . Safe to say I was nowhere near as stylish but it was good fun all the same. Have fun on your wakeboards! David More

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So as you may know, I love to test the ability of small wakes and what’s possible. ** link to riding jacket ** Of course I’d love to be out on a Centurion Ri237, however, right now I can’t travel so this 16 foot rib is the best I can do! It’s got a 2 stroke 130HP Yamaha engine out the back and other than having very low torque in the early revs, it’s got plenty of power. Managed to get a few high end tricks in and I reckon with a little more practice I’d get even more done! Thanks so much for watching, and remember, wakeboarding and water sports are all about having fun on the water no matter how good or bad your equipment is! Thanks for watching. David More

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26 September 2020

Wakeboarding fun!

So we have a great week ahead of us with a little 5.7 metre rib. My friend has had this lying around his garden for the past 3 years and so we decided to fit a little pylon and go wakeboarding behind it. It’s not a massive wake but it’s great fun. I hope you enjoy the video. David More

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20 September 2020

How to Raley on a Wakeboard

When it comes to doing ‘Raleys’ (superman on a wakeboard), there are many ways. Behind a boat, off a kicker and even the air raley. I originally learnt it off a kicker (despite being more of a boat rider at the time) as it’s just a whole lot easier and less dangerous. Hopefully this tutorial will help you try it. Thanks for watching. David More

Comments Off on A 95kg man landed on top of me – Wakeboarding!

So DC Wake and I were just riding around the cable trying to do a bit of filming. It was all going very well and we were getting some awesome GoPro footage when all of a sudden I messed up my line and didn’t get out of his way. Next thing I knew he did a whirlybird right on top of me! Safe to say my arm is still paying the price. Hope you enjoy the video and plenty more to come soon. David More

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5 September 2020

New Wakeboard Edit – Q & A

Link to Full Edit – Hope you enjoy a more chilled Q&A whilst I’m on a little car journey. Here’s a list of the questions: More

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I decided it was time to try a new water sport, and what sport could be better than waterskiing on my bare feet. It was honestly so much more enjoyable and easy than I had expected, but also a lot more painful! Big thanks to my friend Robin for teaching me! Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching. David More

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I thought it would be cool to show you how you can make a wakeboarding tantrum trick look much better by simply adding a grab. There are 3 major tips in this video that should help you learn it much faster. I hope it helps. David More

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21 August 2020

Game of Wake!

My good friend, DCWake, and I decided it would be fun to have a quick game of Wake. Basically one person tries a trick, the other copies it and you get a letter if the person copying it falls/crashes. After about 10 tricks we completely lost count and just decided to have fun and match each others tricks. Hopefully you will enjoy watching. Thanks, David More

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16 August 2020

Can I Slalom Ski?

So a couple of my friends go water skiing once a week just outside Dublin and invited me to join them. I decided I’d give it a go and see if I was able to run the slalom course on a mono-ski. I actually surprised myself on this one, maybe I’ll keep at it and try compete next year hahah. I hope you enjoy. David IASC –…

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Music: I’ve been trying to go up from Dublin to Belfast a couple times per week to ride the full size cable wakeboard system there. Darren and I had a little kicker session, he was trying Crow Mobes and I was trying switch heel side 1080s (pre-spinning hah). I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching. David

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I decided to test the boundaries of my brand new toilet seat! haha. I know it’s fit for the purpose intended but I wanted to try wakeboarding on it and to see is if was possible to wakeboard on a toilet seat! Thanks to Darren for filming, Podge for driving and the crew at WakeDock in Grand Canal Dock (Dublin) for having me in. The aim of this video is to put a smile on your face, hope it works! David

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So this week I went back down to Ballyhass Lakes in Cork to wakeboard and tried the brand new rail (named the Jon-Ten). It’s an absolute beauty that was built in just 3 short days. Super fun session on it. I hope you enjoy watching. David

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WakeDock in Dublin has opened back up and so I have been riding there a lot lately! It’s great to be able to ride in the heart of Dublin again. Challenge: guess the tricks towards the end of the video and if you guess correctly I’ll pick one of you to win a live coaching video call with me. Either boat or park. The tricks are filmed on a GoPro hero 8 so the POV chest mount might make them tricky to figure out! Hope you enjoy and good luck!

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Often the chain of progression can be a difficult one for riders to figure out. Many of us don’t know which trick we should learn next or what tricks/ basics are needed to learn the next one. I made this video to show you the 4 fundamental tricks you need to master in order to hit an obstacle. I hope they help. See you in the next video. David More

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Over the coming weeks I will be releasing a step by step instructional series on how to cable wakeboard, from never having been before to hitting obstacles and doing flips. I hope you enjoy the series and thanks so much for watching. David More

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3 June 2020

TBT Wakestock, 2011

I just got tagged in this #TBT from 2011 when I won my first professional contest. It was WakeStock, which was probably my favourite ever event to date and as you can see the rails were pretty sketchy 😂
📷 – Chris West More

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Finally, after many months, I got the opportunity to wakeboard again! As you can imagine it felt AMAZING! I hope you’re all keeping well during quarantine and staying healthy. It’s definitely a great individual sport to try as team sports aren’t back yet. A huge thank you to Ballyhass adventure centre/ WakePark for having me down. David

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This week I caught up with Tony Iacconi who I’ve known for about 10 years. He’s one of the most competitive wakeboarders on the scene and has won and podiumed at so many events over the years. We caught up with some general chit chat, discussed wakebording in Orlando and talked about his Instagram being hacked recently. I hope you enjoy. David

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Max Van Helvoort brings a whole new flare to wakeboarding as he’s able to adapt his high level of snowboarding to bring something different to the water. He recently shot a video with GoPro videographer Chris Rogers called Standing Sideways where he shows the similarities of both sports:… I’ve been good friends with Max for about 10 years now, he has come to Ireland to visit me and we’ve spent a lot of time working together as we’ve both been on the O’Brien Team for a while now. Max’s Instagram: I hope you enjoy the chat. David More

Comments Off on John Dreiling – Tech Wakeboarding

John Dreiling is a good friend of mine who’s been killing it for the last few years. It was great to catch up with him and talk about everything: life, wakeboarding and social media. Thanks for watching/listening. John’s social: Instagram: YouTube: David More

Comments Off on From accountant to drone pilot – Dave Av

I first met Dave Av almost 5 years ago. At the time he was working a ‘normal’ 9-5 job. However, shortly after he decided to take the leap into becoming a full time professional drone pilot. Fast forward a couple of years and he’s flying and filming for DJI Global. He mostly shoots wakeboarding but has tried other sports like snowboarding and kiteboarding, with the dream of one day filming the X-Games. I hope you enjoy the interview and thanks for watching. Dave Av’s socials: YouTube Instagram More