Hey everyone,

Just got back from the Wake Games in Orlando where I managed to make the podium and take 3rd place in Junior Pro Men. I’m so happy as I was very nervous riding with all those big names. I was even more stoked to have landed a toe back 7 and a heel back 7, back to back in semis.

Riding at Stew Mackie's place

It was also great to see really good EA representation at the games with Louis Floyd, Sam Carne and Jorge Gill from the UK, Dylan Mitchell from South Africa, Massi Piffaretti from Italy and Marc Kroon from the Netherlands. Everyone’s riding has really stepped up and we were all battling for places.

Riding at Cobe & Tarah's

The Junior Pro Men division in the Wake Games is a lot different to the IWWF events as there are no LCQs and they slashed the numbers from 34 in quarter finals to 10 in Semis and then just 4 in Finals. Big congrats to Josh Twelker and Mike Dowdy who killed it and took 2nd and 1st place!!!

Wake Games, Orlando

It was a sweet trip and I had a really great time riding with Cobe and Tarah Mikacich at their new place on Lake Jessamine. There were lots of riders there including Massi from Italy and Max from the Netherlands so we had great bants. I also had a lot of fun riding in Winter Haven with Sam Carne, Stew Mackie and others. I got some time in on the cable at OWC too and met a few guys I rode with there over the past couple of years.

Team Malinoski!!

It’s hard to get back to reality now as this week I have my final French and Spanish oral exams and in a few weeks I start almost three weeks of my final school exams which isn’t so good but then I’m free!

Thanks for reading.