Hi Guys,

The last few days I have been in Mandurah in Western Australia competing in the Wakeboard World Cup. They selected 20 of the top male and ten of the top female riders in the world.

Personally, I was just delighted to be invited to the event. There were loads of spectators on the banks when we kicked off at 8 o’clock on St. Patrick’s day. The water was quite choppy for Qualifying rounds but I managed to ride well and I was just over the moon to get through to semis.

Sian & David at the World Cup

Then in semi-finals, I was thrilled that I managed to pull it together and stand up both my passes which included a back 5 and a switch big worm. This put me ever so slightly ahead of the All American Andrew Adkison, which I’m delighted about considering he is one of the main guys I looked up to growing up!!!

The Finals kicked off at 3pm today and the crowds were bigger as the Action Sports Games and Crab Fest were on at the same time. In Finals were Dan Nott, Steel Lafferty, Andrew Adkison, Shota Tezuka, myself and Harley Clifford. Being 5th off the dock and having watched all those guys ride unbelievably, I was certainly feeling the pressure but I was so honoured to ride with all these guys in a final. I decided I would put everything into my run and just go for it as I had nothing to lose. This paid off in some ways, but it did have its disadvantages, like falling twice! But still I managed to get myself into 5th place and am really stoked about that. Harley rode after me and just killed it taking the top spot again. Second and third spots went to Shota Tezuka (JPN) and Steel Lafferty (USA) respectively. Big congrats to those guys!!!

In the Women’s Sian Hurst just missed Finals by only one point but she was delighted to have had the opportunity to compete too and we will be celebrating at the closing ceremony tonight. The Women’s placings were: Raimi Merritt (USA) 1st, Amber Wing (Aus) 2nd and Bec Gange (Aus) 3rd. Full results are here http://www.actionsportsgames.com.au/news

Here are the results of the semi-finals and final.

Tomorrow it’s 24 hours travel back to Ireland for ten days before heading off to the Wake Games in Florida. So, all in all, it was an amazing event that was soooo much fun and I can’t wait to come back next year!!!




David competing at the World Cup