David O’Caoimh

David O Caoimh

I learnt to water ski when I was four years old and transitioned to wakeboarding when I was 10. My regular place for wakeboarding is Lough Sillan in Ireland’s Lake District and I’ve been known to train throughout the cold Irish winters unless the lake is frozen! However, I also love to ride at Sidewake in Portugal https://www.sidewake.com/wake and in Australia and Orlando whenever I can. In addition, I love hitting the cables in the UK & Thailand or the Philippines.

Age                           28

DOB                           2 December 1993

Nationality                 Irish

Currently lives          Killiney, Dublin, Ireland

Digital Marketing      Diploma 2014

University                  University College Dublin, 2012-2013 (Economics)

School                        St. Andrew’s College, International School, Dublin

Other                          Qualified Wakeboard Instructor and Judge                                                                                         (E.A.National  Level 2)

Languages                  Fluent French, basic Spanish

Sponsors                    O’Brien USA, Centurion Boats and Roswell Speakers

Hobbies                       I am passionate about cars too and was lucky enough to work as co TV live host at the Dakar                                          Car Rally in Saudi before the lockdown in 2020 year. I also love skateboarding and       snowboarding.

Favourite food            Pasta