Episode 2 is finally here!! As many of you know, I have teamed up with Red Bull Ireland to go on a mega road trip around Ireland showcasing not only all the thrilling adventure activities that are on our doorstep, but also to meet and hang out with their various athletes in each of their sports. Over the next few weeks I’ll be meeting up with many athletes I’ve looked up to over the years and most importantly, I’ll be trying their sports! As you can imagine, I’m excited!! In this video I drive to the west coast (Bundoran, near Co. Sligo) to meet up with Conor Maguire. He is well known in the surf community around the world, and more recently made the headlines surfing a huge 60ft wave on the Irish seas. He is an absolutely lovely guy and showed me around where he grew up, where he learnt to surf and gave me a little insight into his life. We kicked off with a bit of cliff diving off some rather large sea stacks, then after lunch we went surfing in Tullan Strand. Whilst the waves weren’t huge, it was perfect for me to learn how to surf. Conor is best know for big wave surfing, however he gets pretty tech on the smaller waves too. I hope you enjoy the video and stay tuned for the next episode of our epic staycation road trip in Ireland!