A series of unfortunate events:

1. Car breaks down (brakes locked up)
2. Mechanic couldn’t fix it on the spot
3. Mechanic Drops me home – I forgot the keys
4. I ring management company, they can’t do anything. I call locksmith.
5. Locksmith comes – he can’t unlock the lock (and tries to charge $45 for basically nothing! hhaha)
6. Ohhhh it’s fine, I’ll call a friend – phone has 0% battery.
7. I walk for about 3 miles (it’s cold and I’m in shorts hahah) – there it is the Golden Arches ( I haven’t eaten in almost 12 hours!)
8. Doors are closed – but drivethru is 24hours! yeeewww
9. They won’t sell me anything cause I’m not in a car (what difference does it really make? A sale is a sale! haha silly Macdonads!
10. I walk another 2 miles. – Yesss I actually get food!!)
11. I walk a last half mile or so – yess hotels!!!
12. Hotels are booked out! ahhhhhhhh at this stage I’m about to lose it!!

But then . . .

I gave one last hotel a go, and yesssss they have vacancies! Thank you Hampton Inn Orlando Airport!!!

Moral of story, Bad luck doesn’t just come in 3’s, it comes in 12’s!!! hahahhaahah

A lesson all the same!