As the season approaches, many people are probably considering purchasing a new wakeboard. There are so many questions when it comes to which wakeboard you should buy. Here are some FAQs below.

Boat vs. cable board? What is rocker/what type of rocker do I want? What stance is best? Should I ride with fins? Can I use my boat board on cable? Which size board should I have?

0.44 – Difference between Boat and Cable Boards explained. 02.20 – Can you ride a boat board on cable? or the other way? 04.05 – Should I ride with fins? 05.16 – What size board should I ride? 07.21 – Board weight. Heavy vs light? 08.29 – Rocker explained (3 stage, progressive etc..). 10.30 – What stance should I use.

Hopefully this video will help you and good luck!