Hey guys,

 Just home from an amazing weekend at Chill and Ride in Germany. As usual, the event took place on the Rhine on the border between Germany and France, which is a really cool spot!

There were a lot of really sick riders there like fellow Irish team mate David Coates and American pro rider Sean O’Brien. Unfortunately for David Coates, he didn’t ride too well in the final, but it was awesome to watch Sean kill it with some cool different tricks like the big worm!In the end, I managed to defend my title, but it wasn’t easy, I somehow managed to throw all my best tricks, like toe back 7, whilry 5 and a blind judge so I was super pumped about that!

The whole event was brilliant and I’m super happy I decided to go over!

Thanks to everyone who organised it and who made it a slick event. And also thank you to the Schramm family for letting me ride behind their boat!