Hi guys,

I still can’t believe that I actually came first at Wakestock! This past few days have been absolutely unbelievable! The Irish Wakeboard crew and I headed out to Wales for Wakestock.

Unusually for Wakestock the sun was shining throughout most of the weekend and the water was not horrifically choppy.

In the Women’s it was close for 2nd, 3rd and 4th but there was no doubt in anybody’s mind that Argentinian Robbie Rendo would to take the top spot. Then in 2nd was Charlotte Bryant, swiftly followed by Irish team member Sian Hurst who rode really well coming back from a fall and killing it with loads of solid inverts.

Wakestock attracts some of the world’s top pros like Shawn Watson, Scotty Broome, Danny Thollander and the Bomb (Padiwat Jaemjan) just to name a few, not forgetting the UK top guys like Sam Carne and Dan Nott. This huge variety of international riders was a little intimidating. After being drawn in a heat with Watson in qualifying I was to say the least “Bricking it” but I managed to get through into semis. Then in the semi finals I managed to get through to the finals top of my heat. This was my first time to beat competition legend Dan Nott. In finals were Padiwat Jaemjan, Danny Thollander, Shawn Watson, Dan Nott, Sam Carne and myself. We all rode well considering that the tide was rapidly on its way out and the water was  only  waist deep, therefore not kicking up the biggest wake. This didn’t seem to affect anybody though as to say the least everyone was killing it! I was 3rd last off the dock with the Bomb and Sam Carne to ride after me. I was going for an all or nothing pass with my highlights being a whirly 5 and backside 5! After my run, I honestly didn’t mind where I ended up, I was just chuffed to have ridden the way I had. As soon as the riding was finished, it was so close that nobody knew who came where.

In the end, Watson was 3rd, Danny was second and then much to my delight I was in 1st! I was speechless!!

I am so stoked to have had the opportunity to ride with these guys, never mind take the top spot and I really am truly over the moon at the moment! 🙂

Above is a video of the Final.

Such a great weekend and let’s bring on Wakestock 2012!!!