Hi everyone,

Well, I didn’t make it out of semi-finals (fell on a 7) but am so stoked that David Coates took 4th place in Finals and Sian Hurst won the Gold medal. She had a brilliant run and is the first woman ever to land a mobe in a European Championships when she stuck her Whirlybird in qualifying rounds AND Finals. So congrats to Sian! Also big congrats to fellow Monster rider, Dylan Mitchell who took bronze in the Junior Men and also to Massi Piffaretti from Italy for winning the Open Men.

We had a great week. Kiev is a cool city. The people were very friendly, the site was awesome and we were all pumped to be there. Some of us visited the cable park in Kiev and that was a lot of fun, until we saw a couple of snakes. We got straight out after that!!

Back home in Ireland now and I start university next week. I’m so happy I got my first choice in University College Dublin so looking forward to that.