"The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights." Muhammad Ali

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In this interview I chat with Robby and Wendy about some of the amazing things they do for military members, veterans, first responders and all service heroes through Operation Wakesurf and #S2S​. This year Centurion is taking #S2S​ to the next level, with an an all-inclusive trip to Operation Wake Surf’s Yearly Salute to Service Event at Lake Norman in North Carolina for two heroes. The selected Military Service Person of the Year and First Responder of the Year will join several other military and service personal for three days of exciting activities including wakesurfing, a NASCAR pit crew experience, go-karting, and more. If you would like to nominate someone click on the link here. here: I hope you find this podcast interesting and thanks for watching. David​ More

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I am deeeeelighted to be back on the water wakeboarding for the first time in 2021. Due to Covid 19 it has been the longest off season of my life! Thankfully we are back on the water and ready to have as many water based activities as possible in 2021! I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching. David More

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As the season approaches, many people are probably considering purchasing a new wakeboard. There are so many questions when it comes to which wakeboard you should buy. Here are some FAQs below. More

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In this episode Taylor McCullough talks about what it was like to start wakeboarding at a very young age and turning Pro at 13! She tells us about her injuries, her goals, and of course her dog, Skylar. 🐕 I hope you find the interview interesting. David More

Comments Off on Podcast with Ashley Kidd – Wakesurf World Champion

Apparently, Ashley Kidd, who is five times world champion wake surfer, used to be terrified of the water! This is a podcast we just did recently. I hope you enjoy this episode and thanks for watching. David More

Comments Off on Day in the life of a wakeboarder in lockdown!

Hello Lads and Lassies. How are ya’ll? Whilst I’m still home in Ireland, unable to travel, I decided to do another little Q & A. However, to make it a bit more entertaining and engaging, I have spiced it up a little. In this video I answer some of your questions: More

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10 February 2021

Podcast with J.B.O’Neill

I’ve been using my time that I can’t spend on the water doing Tips for Tricks and some podcasts. I’ve done a couple for Centurion and the first one is with J.B. O’Neill giving you some insight into his life. Also, if you’re interested in Centurion Boats, visit Thanks for watching. David More

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2021 and we’re still on strict lockdown in Ireland! As I’m unable to wakeboard, I thought it would be cool to have more people submit videos on Instagram of them trying a new trick and I’d give helpful tips. In this video we cover: a heelside backroll on the boat, and on cable there are tips for a crowmobe and tantrum off the kicker, a toe 7 and a topside backroll on the kicker. I hope you find the tips helpful and and fingers crossed we can get back to making live videos soon. David More

Comments Off on Coaching my subscribers – Wakeboarding

As I’m still at home in Ireland and we have entered another even stricter lockdown, I decided it would be a cool idea to ask you guys (my subscribers) to submit videos of your attempts at tricks where you have difficulty, and then analyse them and give you some tips. In this video I basically give some tips/tutorials for 360s, rails, front rolls, tantrums and landing blind. Hopefully the tips help you see the most common reasons for crashing on a wakeboard. Feel free to send more videos my way on instagram (davidoc). Thanks so much for watching. Merch –… More

Comments Off on Learning to Foil – easier than expected!

The guys at Wakedock, in Dublin, messaged me and invited me to learn how to Foil. I’ve always wanted to learn it but have never really had the opportunity before. I have to say it was very enjoyable! It’s such a smooth sensation! Huge thanks to the guys for teaching me, I can’t wait to try again. I hope you enjoy the edit. Thanks, David More

Comments Off on My Number 1 Tip for Wakeboarding!

The biggest and most important thing when it comes to wakeboarding progress is……. THE BASICS. It’s the most overlooked thing, particularly when someone never gets any coaching. Naturally we want to learn cool flips, inverts and spins, however, you can never spend enough time working on the basics, never!! Darren was guilty of skipping the basics and he openly admits he learnt this lesson the hard way! So remember, number one wakeboarding tip, walk before you run! ` Thanks for watching. David More

Comments Off on Top 10 best Wakeboarding moments – David OC

This week, as we’re still in Lockdown, I decided it might be an idea to take a trip down memory lane and highlight my top 10 wakeboarding moments in the past 5 years. It’s been insane, loads of travelling, competing and messing around on the board. Hopefully you enjoy it and thanks for watching. Also if you haven’t yet voted in the Readers’ Poll, and if you’ve learnt from my videos, or enjoyed them it would be amazing if you could vote under Male Boat Wakeboarder or Content Creator. THANK YOU SO MUCH.… My first Video 9. What’s possible on a ski boat 8. Crazy Dockstarts 7. My first 1080 6. My Best Ride 5. My Pro Model 4. Landing my first Double flip 3. Game of Wake 2. European Championships in Ireland 1. Wakeboarding with Shaun Murray More

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30 October 2020

Wakeboarder of the year

If you could, please vote for me in the Wakeboarder of the year (Boat Rider and Content creator)… Thank you!!! The answer to the title is OF COURSE!!! Thank you to everyone who sent in some questions and I hope you enjoy the Q & A. I cover everything from where I see myself in 5 years to binding angles, how to progress, wakeboarding cliques etc… Thanks for watching, and if you vote – thank you so much. David More

Comments Off on Wakeboarding – boosting from the FunBox

I went into WakeDock for a last minute ride. The weather was insane, especially for September, and so I just sessioned the park. I turned up the speed and tried gapping the big FunBox. I honestly didn’t think going that bit faster would make the gap so easy, but it actually wasn’t too bad, though a little scary. I think so much is possible on it if I get comfortable with the speed. Thanks so much to the guys at WakeDock in Dublin for having me in and I hope you enjoy the little short wakeboarding video – which is fully filmed on my GoPro Hero 8. David More

Comments Off on First Track Day – Mondello Park

As many of you may know, alongside wakeboarding, I have a huge passion for cars. Anytime I spend around cars is either modifying my own, or reviewing ordinary day to day cars. My friend, Tim, has a little track car (LoCost) which is a homemade kit car. He invited me out on the track for the day which was insane. Here’s a little vlog style video I made. I hope you enjoy this different type of video. David More

Comments Off on Wakeboarding is fun!
11 October 2020

Wakeboarding is fun!

I decided to try and ride my cable board on the boat. Bearing in mind it’s not a massive Centurion but a 16 foot RIB with a 45 foot rope at 18mph. I was trying my best to ride the same way John Dreiling did in his mini wake sessions video . Safe to say I was nowhere near as stylish but it was good fun all the same. Have fun on your wakeboards! David More

Comments Off on Small wake – what is possible behind a 16ft Rib?

So as you may know, I love to test the ability of small wakes and what’s possible. ** link to riding jacket ** Of course I’d love to be out on a Centurion Ri237, however, right now I can’t travel so this 16 foot rib is the best I can do! It’s got a 2 stroke 130HP Yamaha engine out the back and other than having very low torque in the early revs, it’s got plenty of power. Managed to get a few high end tricks in and I reckon with a little more practice I’d get even more done! Thanks so much for watching, and remember, wakeboarding and water sports are all about having fun on the water no matter how good or bad your equipment is! Thanks for watching. David More

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26 September 2020

Wakeboarding fun!

So we have a great week ahead of us with a little 5.7 metre rib. My friend has had this lying around his garden for the past 3 years and so we decided to fit a little pylon and go wakeboarding behind it. It’s not a massive wake but it’s great fun. I hope you enjoy the video. David More

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20 September 2020

How to Raley on a Wakeboard

When it comes to doing ‘Raleys’ (superman on a wakeboard), there are many ways. Behind a boat, off a kicker and even the air raley. I originally learnt it off a kicker (despite being more of a boat rider at the time) as it’s just a whole lot easier and less dangerous. Hopefully this tutorial will help you try it. Thanks for watching. David More

Comments Off on A 95kg man landed on top of me – Wakeboarding!

So DC Wake and I were just riding around the cable trying to do a bit of filming. It was all going very well and we were getting some awesome GoPro footage when all of a sudden I messed up my line and didn’t get out of his way. Next thing I knew he did a whirlybird right on top of me! Safe to say my arm is still paying the price. Hope you enjoy the video and plenty more to come soon. David More

Comments Off on New Wakeboard Edit – Q & A
5 September 2020

New Wakeboard Edit – Q & A

Link to Full Edit – Hope you enjoy a more chilled Q&A whilst I’m on a little car journey. Here’s a list of the questions: More

Comments Off on Learning to barefoot Waterski

I decided it was time to try a new water sport, and what sport could be better than waterskiing on my bare feet. It was honestly so much more enjoyable and easy than I had expected, but also a lot more painful! Big thanks to my friend Robin for teaching me! Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching. David More

Comments Off on Wakeboarding Tantrums – Top Tips!

I thought it would be cool to show you how you can make a wakeboarding tantrum trick look much better by simply adding a grab. There are 3 major tips in this video that should help you learn it much faster. I hope it helps. David More

Comments Off on Game of Wake!
21 August 2020

Game of Wake!

My good friend, DCWake, and I decided it would be fun to have a quick game of Wake. Basically one person tries a trick, the other copies it and you get a letter if the person copying it falls/crashes. After about 10 tricks we completely lost count and just decided to have fun and match each others tricks. Hopefully you will enjoy watching. Thanks, David More

Comments Off on Can I Slalom Ski?
16 August 2020

Can I Slalom Ski?

So a couple of my friends go water skiing once a week just outside Dublin and invited me to join them. I decided I’d give it a go and see if I was able to run the slalom course on a mono-ski. I actually surprised myself on this one, maybe I’ll keep at it and try compete next year hahah. I hope you enjoy. David IASC –…