Hi guys,

Just back from the Irish Wakeboard Nationals which were in Dungannon in Northern Ireland. They were really early in the season so that the Team selectors would have time to choose who is going to go to Italy to represent Ireland in the Wolds in about 3 weeks time. This had its pros and cons as there was not much time for preparation, but it was great to get everyone riding together so early in the season.

There was an entire new generation this year with the youngest rider just 7 years of age!! It really was great to see all these young up and coming riders.

In the Women’s division it was Sian Hurst, as expected, who took the gold medal, with a load of nice big stylish inverts and spins, showing that her training with Glen Fletcher in Orlando for the last month has paid off.

Then in the Men’s division Paul Johnston came third, followed by Pete Stewart and then fortunately I took first place, but I can tell you that those boys did not make it easy for me and the points difference between Pete and me was less than 3!

We had a lot of fun too driving in convoy from the hotel to the lake and a really fun dinner on the Saturday night with about 70 people there.

All in all a great weekend and I was delighted to be able to retain my title.

Well done to everyone who took part and I can’t wait till the next few contests.


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