The Irish Team

Hey everyone,

What a great way to start 2012. Straight after Christmas most of us on the Irish team headed over to Xtreme Gene in Cordoba in Spain, which is probably the best place to ride in Europe. After a dodgy drive down from Malaga (in a Volkswagen van with the wrong gearbox??) we all managed to get a set on the water before it got dark. It was a bit warmer there than in Ireland and we even had sunshine some days. With double ejections, front edges and lots of banter, it was a great ten days.

 Everyone really worked hard on their riding as we have the EA Championships in South Africa next month. David Coates (DC) getting his trademark Whirly 5 and working well on switch toe 7s, the girls Aisling Deegan and Lindsay Whelan, both still in the under 14s division, made huge progress learning tantrums, scarecrows, 360s and toeside backside 180s.

Sian Hurst

Current Irish Female Number 1Sian Hurst rode really well working on mobes – especially a wrapped roll to blind. She also won the title of ‘Crasher of the Week’ getting double ejected numerous times whilst doing massive Raleys.

 Unfortunately Brian Deegan injured his knee and wasn’t able to ride his best but hopefully he will have fully recovered by the time we fly to Jo’burg in a few weeks.

 I managed to get all my old tricks back including my 7s pretty consistent along with a couple of toeside backside 7s so I was really happy with that.

 We all had great fun at night in the local restaurants or eating in Matt and Debbie’s place. A huge thank you also to Brid Deegan for all the lovely soups and meals she made. Seafood chowder never tasted so good than after a cold set on the water.

Roll on South Africa!