So, I’ve just touched down in Orlando Florida, which is the home of all water sports, particularly wake based. One of my first stops was to my Centurion Boats team-mate, Sean Silveira, who is 4 time PWT champion, one time world champion and also a 6 time flow rider world champion. He took me out on his brand new Ri245. Unfortunately the wind was very strong and so after assessing the conditions we decided to leave the wakeboards and wakesurfs in the car, and go foiling. Sean definitely had to teach me how to foil. I have never foiled before and so it was a steep learning curve. Thankfully Sean was an awesome teacher and got me up – eventually! Despite many crashes, and swallowing half of Florida’s lake water, I really enjoyed it! After that we went for a little bit of exploration around the Clermont chain of lakes. From cliff diving off a large tree (10 metres), to bumping into Matt Manzari, it was a great day out! I hope you enjoy the video, and thanks so much for watching. David

Intro 0:00

The Pros 0:55

Instructions 2:08

Crash reel 3:38

Exploring 7:22