Hello Lads & Lassies, and welcome to a new mini-series. I have teamed up with Red Bull Ireland to go on a mega road trip around Ireland showcasing not only all the thrilling adventure activities that are on our doorstep, but also to meet and hang out with various athletes in each of their sports. Over the next few weeks I’ll be meeting up with many athletes I’ve looked up to over the years and most importantly, I’ll be trying their sports! As you can imagine, I’m excited!! First up, Greg Callaghan, he’s one of the best Mountain Bikers in the world and ironically enough only lives around the corner from me. He took me up to Glencullen Adventure Centre (The GAP) where we got to know one another and then hit trails! His fitness, speed and style blew me away and after I got my breath back, we packed in the bikes and headed to Coliemore harbour in Dalkey. Waiting for us there was a good friend of mine, Kris Goodbody who owns and runs Big Style – a water sports adventure company that does everything from Kiteboarding to Stand Up Paddleboarding. He took myself and Greg out on a SUPing adventure to Dalkey Island which turned out to be very cool. I hope you enjoy episode number 1 and I’m excited for the next few weeks as we have a lot in store! A huge thanks to Red Bull, Greg, the GAP and of course Caimin Jacob (videographer) for making this episode happen. Thanks for watching! David