For a complete change of content, myself and 3 friends are planning to cycle. from Malin head, all the way down to Mizen Head. It’s from the most northerly point, to the most southerly point on our Irish Island.

No doubt for a top level cyclist this would be an easy feat, however, for us complete amateurs it’s going to be a serious challenge.

Whilst I’m very active, I do almost zero cardiovascular activity, and so cycling isn’t easy at all!

Below is a layout of the route:

Malin – Strabane (Sunday 17th)
75km 470m

Strabane – Cavan
110km 510m

Cavan – Portumna
139km 348m

Portumna – Mallow
136km 543m

Mallow – Bantry
92km 640m

Bantry – Mizen
42km 334m

If you can provide any accommodation along the way we would love to take you up on the offer!

Thanks so much for watching, and stay tuned for more.