Grand Canal Dock

Hey guys,

This week has been a week that will be remembered for a long time! Ireland got its first ever permanent cable system! I think it’s really going to change things for wakeboarding in Ireland. Not only for riders like myself who want to train as often as they can for competitions and to improve our riding as a whole, but also to really get the name of the sport and what it’s all about out there to everyone.

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to go and give it a shot. WOW!!! It’s sooooo much fun. It was cold as hell but still sooo good!!!! I’ve never really ridden much cable, and even less System 2.0s but still loved it to bits and got the hang of it pretty quickly. I’m so excited for this year as it’s going to be such a key place to go and hang out as Colin and Nina and all the crew down there are so sound!

After going for another cheeky shred today, I’m back in Cavan now training on the boat for the World Cup later this month. Also I’m so excited to head out to Xtreme-gene in Spain next Thursday!

Check out the photos below and their website at

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The kicker

Getting ready to go

Ship to shore....

Surfdock. Grand Canal Dock


Lowest raley ever! Need to work on my air tricks!


Cold & wet...