Hi guys,

Arrived in Perth, Australia a few days ago and managed to get a little training in at Bonney’s ski park, which is about half an hour outside the city. A big thanks to Jonny Crawford and Annette and Donough O’Donovan for looking after me so well!

Training at Bonney's ski park

Then last night all the riders and skiers checked into the Atrium Resort Hotel here in Mandurah and we had official practice today. The World Cup starts tomorrow and it’s being held alongside the Action Sports Games and Crab Fest so there will also be freestyle motocross, BMX and skateboarding. They expect about 100,000 people to come and they have loads of other activities on too including a big fireworks display for Paddy’s day! For the World Cup they have ten cameras all over the area plus a helicopter camera! All the top riders are here and I’m in a heat with Harley Clifford, Shota Tezuka, Nikita Martianov and Shaun Faccio, so it’ll be tough!

Here’s the link to the timetable:  www.actionsportsgames.com.au/event-info/Program-Schedule

It will be broadcast live and on the web so check out:




Mandjar Bay, Mandurah

Fingers crossed!