Hi everybody, I’m just back from the World Wakeboard Championships in Italy.

Coming off my win the week before at Wakestock, I was feeling a little more relaxed and confident. In the last couple of weeks my riding appears to be starting to come together and I was able to get through to the finals qualifying first in my heat at each stage which I was so pumped about considering all I wanted to achieve was qualify! Then in finals I surprised myself sticking some mobes as well as a heelside backside 5 and a toeside backsode 5. Unfortunately I bailed on a Whirly 5 last trick. Nonetheless I was able to grab myself second place and a silver medal, which I am stoked about. In First was the ledgendary Daniel Powers who quite honestly cleaned up with an enormous Blind Judge and a heel 7 off the double up.

The Irish team did really well too, getting an overall 7th, which is not half bad for a small little cold island. Lindsay Wheelan getting a solid 5th in girls. Congrats team Ireland!!!!

All in all an epic few days with lots of banter specially at “the Local” (A sushi bar), and cheers to Italy for hosting such a sick event. Above is a video of the Finals – I’m at 6.20 minutes.