This week, as we’re still in Lockdown, I decided it might be an idea to take a trip down memory lane and highlight my top 10 wakeboarding moments in the past 5 years. It’s been insane, loads of travelling, competing and messing around on the board. Hopefully you enjoy it and thanks for watching. Also if you haven’t yet voted in the Readers’ Poll, and if you’ve learnt from my videos, or enjoyed them it would be amazing if you could vote under Male Boat Wakeboarder or Content Creator. THANK YOU SO MUCH.… My first Video 9. What’s possible on a ski boat 8. Crazy Dockstarts 7. My first 1080 6. My Best Ride 5. My Pro Model 4. Landing my first Double flip 3. Game of Wake 2. European Championships in Ireland 1. Wakeboarding with Shaun Murray