In this video we take a look at a step by step way to doing a Wake To Wake 180. We discuss which of the following is the easiest: – Heelside 180 – Toeside 180 – Half Cab 180, or Switch Toeside 180 Here’s a breakdown of how to actually do any of the 180s.

1. Shorten your rope 5ft-10ft

2. Cut out 10ft from the wake

3. Use the Progressive Edge

4. Get your pop first, then initiate the spin.

5. Spot the far shore on the landing.

Remember the basics are the most important here, so make sure you have them dialled!  I really hope this video help your learn some new tips as well as land 180s! David

00:00 intro

00:57 easiest type of 180

01:02 first tip

01:21 tip 2

01:26 tip 3

01:42 tip 4

02.02  landing

02:32 toeside180

03:06 heelside 180