Hi guys,

I’m just back from Orlando Florida where I went to train with Stew Mackie (British team coach) at his place on ‘Chain of Wakes’, in Winter Haven. It’s a really cool spot with lots of calm water, and much to my surprise, the weather was great considering it was winter! We had a load of bants on the boat every day and just in general.

View from Stew's house

When it came to the actual wakeboarding, I took a couple of days to get back to where I left off. It was also pretty cool as it was just me training with Stew so I got lots of great one on one coaching which really helped, and quite honestly he made me train my ass off! He had me doing my contest run at least twice in the morning straight from the start of my set, as well as doing it again in the afternoon. Then after we got that out of the way we worked on some new tricks which is where my body took a beating! I was delighted as I managed to finally learn a blind judge which I have been toying with for years as well as a toeside Backroll to Blind 🙂 although I must have taken about 14 or 15 bad falls in a row from a Skeezer 5 when trying to learn it. Unfortunately I never got there!!

Flat water.....

All in all I had a very, very, very slick time out there and enjoyed everything from the riding and the banter to my new gluten free diet! I also loved not having to do any college work!! It made things so much more fun and easier! haha! I’m really looking forwards to heading back out there in May for some more shred time!  Big thanks to Stew and Meghan. Here’s Stew’s website if you’re interested in training with him http://cowakes.com/



More flat water...