In this video I show you how to find the perfect boat speed and rope length for any boat, whether it’s a used boat, a rib, a jet ski, or even an insane wakeboard boat like a centurion!

Step 1 – Find the speed the boat sits most comfortably at (usually between 18 and 24mph).

Step 2 – Pick any length and feel it out.

Step 3 – If it’s the wake is curling, and too wide, the rope is too long and/or the speed is too slow.

Step 4 – If the wake is too mellow and narrow, the speed is too high and/or the rope is too short.

Step 5 – Play around with different speeds and rope lengths until you find the perfect combo. This is a very difficult thing to find, especially for beginners, so hopefully it helps you and your wakeboarding.