Flyboarding is awesome!

Hey everyone,

I’m just home from an amazing weekend at the Whitehaven Festival in the north of England. Dan Kavanagh, Ash Murray, Rob and Joe Skelly and I all ‘road tripped’ over together which was top notch banter!

After pulling an all nighter, we arrived in the early hours of Friday and we began to get everything ready for the 9 shows to come over the next 2 days.

The location itself was absolutely awesome, right in the heart of the town of Whitehaven, which meant that the crowds throughout the weekend were huge, apparently the festival attracted tens of thousands of people! There were loads of really great food stalls and plenty of things to do, from funfair rides to watching some cool air shows etc…

Wakeboarding at Whitehaven Festival

As we were riding in the harbour with restricted space, we brought a kicker across with us and “”””sessioned”””” it behind a jetski, which was a really different experience for all of us. We still managed to get a little contest going between ourselves which the crowd appeared to really enjoy!

For me the highlight of the weekend was definetely watching Waz (Dave Thompson)` on his Flyboard. It was my first time ever seeing one in real life and I was really blown away by it. It was such a brilliant spectacle!

All in all we had an amazing weekend from wakeboarding to partying on one of the tall ships!

Hopefully we get to go back next year!

Thanks to all the organisers.



Whitehaven Festival, June 2013

Crashing out after installing the kicker!!