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It took a few years, but I’ve finally won a cable national title!. I’m really ecstatic. It’s my first win back from my knee, and for it to be on cable is just wowwww.

In the last month or so I’ve trained hard for this cable contest, and it taught me that you will always get back what you put in. So give it 200% all the time! Had a good clean run, and somehow managed to sick a backside 9 in finals, which just felt absolutely class.

Also so stoked for ma boyyy Robin Coates for taking 2nd. He really deserves it! Congrats to all the young up and comers too, and to Wakedock for organising such a whopper day. Now it’s time to focus on my boat riding for the rest of the season.
Irish cable nationals 2015

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Fishing on Lough Sillan

Just caught the biggest fish of my life! I was too nervous to hold it so had my friend Ian do it – a pike. Hahah

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It’s great to be home!!
Shercock June 2015

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Sorry I haven’t posted for a while but we had very erratic internet throughout our trip. We had an awesome time travelling around Europe on our cable trip! Thanks so much to Seb and Antoine for looking after us so well at BCP. Big thanks too to Elke Venken of Terhills Cable Park, also in Belgium, where we had a lot of fun. Look at this for a sunset!!
Terhills cable park

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Dockfest 3
Dockfest 4
dockfest 1
Dockfest 2
What an amazing weekend at the Dublin Docklands. The festival was incredible and the wakeboarding was brilliant. There were five international riders and myself and Aisling Deegan from Ireland. The crowd was fantastic and there was an estimated 50,000 people there over the two days. Big shout out to Alan, Padraic, Des and all the gang for organising such a great event.

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14 May 2015

New TV Series
Couldn’t be happier to announce my new TV series ‘Off The D.O.C’ Coming to you in October on Setanta Sports Ireland.

Thanks to Monster Energy, Ballyhass Lakes and Nissan for supporting the show! And Apollo Entertainment Ireland for producing it!

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Just flew back to Dublin yesterday and stoked to see that Alliance posted this video -thanks guys!

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Hey guys,
I set up a new You Tube channel.
Here’s ‘Mastering the Basics’. Hope y’all like it and let me know what you think. Good? Bad? Useful? Too long? Not enough detail? PM or FB me. Also let me know what you’re interested in learning and I’ll try to get it covered.

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27 April 2015

Monster Energy…..

OMG!! Fresh delivery of Monster Energy arrived! And there are craycray flavours out here in the USA….

Monster Energy usa

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nissan 2015


Really cool article in the Dublin People Newspapers. Nissan are now searching to take on board 10 new ambassadors. So if you’re passionate about something, and really want to make it to the top, and you’re working your ass off to get there, then why not apply! You’d be mad not to! More