"The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights." Muhammad Ali

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Had a great Media Day with Nissan yesterday. Being there and working with such a cool company has only motivated me to keep doing it, and to get to that end Goal. The GTR!!! ‪#‎ImNotEvenJoking‬ More


When your old teacher becomes famous and asks you to feature on his new TV show…. hahaah
Brilliant weekend at Lough Muckno on the boat with Deric Hartigan 3e Weather Presenter on Saturday and then on the cable at Ballyhass in Cork on Sunday….


Deric Muckno

28 March 2015

Back on the water…..

After 3 months off the water! Here was my first 10 days back!!! “10 Days – 10 Seconds”


belfast titanic Mar 2015

Went to Titanic Belfast cable yesterday in my Nissan Juke. It was so windy and only 6 degrees, so Darren Allanson wakeboarder and I were the only two to brave it…..  The other boys were being pussies!!! Hahah


“Wake to Wake” Part 2! Here it is. I’m really proud of it! And we just put ourselves out there. So please don’t hate too much! hah. If you’re into it, or buzzing off it, please share it and let me know

23 March 2015

Wakeboarding home spot!

Savage weekend on the water at my home spot in Cavan! This place is the feckin best!

cavan March 2015

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Mandurah 4 2015

For the full results download the Wakescope app here!

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Mandurah 3 2015

Ended up joint 10th and while obviously I would have loved to have done better I’ll still take that.
When I think about it, I only rode for like 6 days in the last 3 or 4 months due to injury, and I got to come out to Australia and hang out with my friends and make a few bob. And i got a lot of motivation from being here! So I’m stoked. It was such a sick final to watch and fair play to OBrien Wakeboards teammate Cory Teunissen for smashing it in the final! Legend! More

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Just made it into the semi-finals if the World Cup tomorrow. Whaaaaa…. Can’t believe it!!!

mandurah 2 2015

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Mandurah 1 2015


Just landed in Australia for the first stop of the World Cup 2015 Proud to be representing that Irish flag! More