"The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights." Muhammad Ali

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21 November 2015

Wakeboarding in colour….

all purple Luke Lee
No filters, just a crazy colour effect from the Flash. Don’t know how Luke Lee Photography did this, but it’s pretty sick!!

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So unfortunately semi-finals didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. I fell on a toe back 7 which I was a bit bummed about! At this level of riding there’s no room for error – especially when you’re in a heat with guys like Mike Dowdy, Dean Smith Phil Soven and Cory Teunissen .
So I ended up 9th but on the plus side, I stuck my 1st ever switch mobe 5 in contest, and I’m here in Mexico with an open bar and a bunch of good friends! 🍻🍹🍸.
Also big thanks to you all too for your support. It means a lot.
Mexico semi finals 2 2015
Mexico semi finals 2015

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Wakeboard World Champs 2015 quarter finals
After a last minute heat change, I can’t believe I came out on top of my quarter finals! The level is crazy! And stoked for Paul Johnston – Wakeboarder who also made it to semis! They’re tomorrow

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24 October 2015

Training in Florida

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Don’t know where the time has gone! I’ve been out here in Winter Haven, Florida training for a few weeks in the run up to the World Championships in Mexico next week. Lots of banter at Chain of Wakes and lots of other riders out here too.
cow Oct 2015

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Ballyhass Oct 2015
What an extraordinary weekend at Ballyhass Lakes in Cork! It is such an exceptional place. The best people who just LOVE wakeboarding!
Delighted to take 1st in the Open Men’s Division for the comp and overall tour.
But the buzz I get off watching all the new people in the sport loving it, and kids who are ridiculously good at such a young age is class! Congrats guys! 😄😄
Plus I passed my Cable operators thingy which is sick cause I hate tests! Haha Cheers Scotty Broome for keeping me calm! Haha
📷- Mike Lacey

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Linyi China 5th 20115
Can’t believe it…. I just came 5th in the World Cup in China! 🍀🍀. But the best bit is, I managed to stick my first ever, and I think the world’s first ever Toe Back 9 Wake to Wake in a contest! You cannot wipe the smile off my face! It was seriously the craziest final the World Cup has ever had!!
So so motivated to get on that podium in Mexico next month!

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22 September 2015

World Cup China

Heading to China tomorrow morning for the World Cup! This photo is from there 4 years ago. The crowd was absolutely insane, and massive! I hope it’s this epic this year!
Linyi china 15
Linyi China 2

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surf expo 2015
OBrien Wakeboards make some mighty fine Wakeboards! Here is the 2016 gear – awesome!

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6 September 2015

1st at Wakedock..

Just made it 8 in a row!!! What a fantastic season! Also what a sick day! I’m most chuffed at all the young Wakeboarding kids in this country! As a rider, I can’t thank all the clubs and new systems in this country enough! Ireland needed young up and comers and new people in the sport. And that is exactly what’s happening! Awesome!
Wakedock cable comp Sept

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I get to ride free at loads of Wake parks thanks to you guys! So it’s only fair that you get a taste of that free riding! It’s delicious!
So myself and Ballyhass Lakes are giving away a chance to win 3 FREE wakeboard sets in Co. Cork. Just like this pic on my FB page here