Link to Full Edit – Hope you enjoy a more chilled Q&A whilst I’m on a little car journey. Here’s a list of the questions:

2.17 – How do Hybrid Board ride on Boat VS Cable?

3.19 – How to prevent injury/ off season training?

3.53 – When you’ve got the basics, what trick should you learn next? 5.00 – What to do if you hit a wall in progression?

6.17 – How do you pronounce your last name/O’Caoimh?

6.53 – Cheap wakeboard VS Expensive board?

7.52 – When will a DOC Cable Board Come?

8.15 – When will you travel to Lithuania to 313 CablePark?

9.05 – Views on the wake industry and the direction it’s going?

11.19 – When is it too old to start a career in wakeboarding?

12.44 – What do you think before a run at a big contest?

Thanks so much for watching and for your support. David