Beautiful but cold!

Hi all,

Well it’s getting colder and colder here in Ireland and we have already had our first snowfall of the season! It’s woolly hat weather (on the water!) and we warm our feet in buckets of water before putting on our bindings! See the photos! We have also had a big problem with the wind. It’s been really difficult to get out the past few weekends and we spend a lot of time trying to find a spot on the lake where there aren’t white horses! Last Saturday and Sunday we had a team training weekend at our place in Cavan and we had over half the team there. One is in Australia and two were doing university exams so that wasn’t a half bad turnout considering the weather! Sunday was good though – no wind, but we did have cold, rain, sunshine and snow!

Most of us on the Team are heading off to Xtreme Gene in Spain to train for 12 days at Christmas. The weather will be a little warmer than here. At the moment it’s about 0 to 6 degrees during the day here and in Cordoba it should be around 10-14, not great but we all need some practice before the EA Championships in February.

Unfortunately I have christmas exams now so I can’t wait to get them over with!

Thanks for reading,


Winter woolies!

Hot water for the feet!